UE Grants

CM Agropol Sp. Zoo. implements the project entitled

Age of Competitiveness of CM Agropol Sp. Zoo. by stimulating innovative technical solutions

as part of the Regional Program for the West Pomeranian Voivodeship 2014-2020. Priority axis 1 Economy, innovations, modern technologies. Measure 1.5 Investments in entrepreneurship accelerating the development of regional specializations and smart specializations

Project goals

implementation of innovative technologies by purchasing 2 sprayers equipped with modern technological solutions, magnetizers, machines for cleaning and treating grain and a sprouting plant.

Planned project effects:

  • increasing the competitiveness of services provided by the Beneficiary for intelligent agriculture;
  • access to highly innovative services for agricultural producers in the field of intelligent agriculture;
  • reducing environmental pollution;
  • saving the consumption of resources to perform specific services;
  • possibility of selecting high-quality seed material;
  • development of cooperation with scientific and research units from the region of Western Pomerania.

Project value

  • project value: PLN 6 639 830.10
  • the value of eligible expenditure of the Project is not more than: PLN 5,398,235.85, including:
  • eligible expenditures covered by public aid amount to no more than 5 398 235.85 PLN and constitute no more than 100% of the total eligible expenditures of the Project;
  • co-financing: PLN 2,429,206.13 constituting not more than 44.999999537% of the total eligible expenditure of the Project, including:
    • from the resources of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) up to the amount of: PLN 2,429,206.13 constituting no more than 100% of the project’s co-financing;
    • public aid up to the amount of PLN 2,429,206.13 constituting no more than 44.999999537% of total eligible expenditure.